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Моя корзина

Template Settings

1. Home pages configurationn

# Page Name Page HTML (Content tab) Page XML (Design tab) Layout
1. Home Page sources\demo\pages\home.phtml sources\demo\pages\home.xml 1 columns
2. About Us sources\demo\pages\about-us.phtml NA 1 columns
3. Customer Service sources\demo\pages\customer-service.phtml NA 1 columns
4. Privacy Policy sources\demo\pages\privacy-policy-cookie-restriction-mode.phtml NA 1 columns

2. Blocks configuration

# Block Name Block Title Identifier Content
1. Footer column content 1 Footer column content 1 footer_col_1 sources\demo\blocks\footer_col_1.phtml
2. Footer column content 2 Footer column content 2 footer_col_2 sources\demo\blocks\footer_col_2.phtml
3. Footer column content 3 Footer column content 3 footer_col_3 sources\demo\blocks\footer_col_3.phtml
4. Footer column content 4 Footer column content 4 footer_col_4 sources\demo\blocks\footer_col_4.phtml
5. Megamenu megamenu megamenu sources\demo\blocks\megamenu.phtml
6. Showcases Showcases showcases sources\demo\blocks\showcases.phtml
7. Block 1 Block 1 block-1 sources\demo\blocks\block-1.phtml
8. Additional info Additional info add-info sources\demo\blocks\add-info.phtml
9. Newsletter text Newsletter text newsletter-text sources\demo\blocks\newsletter-text.phtml
10. Block-2 Block-2 block-2 sources\demo\blocks\block-2.phtml

3. Widgets configuration

# Widget Name Widget type Content
1. Slider Template Monster FilmSlider N/A
2. Showcases CMS Static Block Showcases
3. Block-1 CMS Static Block Block 1
4. New products Catalog New Products List N/A
5. Special products Catalog Products List N/A
6. Additional info CMS Static Block Additional info
6. Block-2 CMS Static Block Block-2